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This service is ideal for entrepreneurs whose business partners are overdue with payments of liabilities. Factoring covers a number of services. The key services include: financing liabilities in national and foreign trade, registering and collection of liabilities.

Factoring also covers:

- monitoring and settling repayments of liabilities by the business partners,

- preparing lists of liabilities of the business partners (both paid and overdue),

- acquiring the risk of insolvency of the business partners,

- one product, one agreement.

Franchise networks have become very popular in Poland and they constitute a great alternative to one’s own business idea. The recognisability of a given brand and its promotional potential, combined with the skills of franchisees, often provide outstanding results. Our service ensures comprehensive financing of franchise networks. The financing model is prepared on the basis of a complex financial and business analysis of the franchising system as a whole, while ensuring that it meets the individual needs of the franchisee at the point of launching the activity. The basic advantage of this model is its flexibility and the possibility of adjusting to the terms of functioning of the entire franchise network.

Real-estate is one of the key and most valuable capital assets which can be possessed by a company. In order to finance real-estate development you can either select one of the loans for companies offered by us, or a service for financing commercial real-estate. The financial means obtained within this service can be used for funding the following activities:

  • purchase of commercial real-estate for immediate use or being in the course of development,
  • purchase of land for developing real-estate,
  • development, expansion, restoring or rebuilding of owned real estate,
  • refinancing of expenses incurred for purchase and/or development or expansion of real-estate,
  • financing VAT paid in the course of the construction process. Repayment of a loan obtained beforehand for developing real-estate.

The granted loan amount may be between PLN 1,000,000 and EUR 7,000,000. The loan period is from two years (for financing building plots of land) to 18 years (for new investments). Fixed or variable interest rates are based on market rates (WIBOR/LIBOR/EURIBOR) and repayment of interest is completed monthly or quarterly.

Useful especially in the case of foreign transactions - it is a reliable security for the client’s business. If you send goods to your foreign business partner, you can submit a collection instruction to a bank while the appropriate documents will be issued to the partner in return for payment of the liabilities, acceptance of a bill of exchange or against a bank guarantee. This allows the bank to have control over the goods and minimises the risk of lack of payment or delayed payment by the partner.

This is another form of securing the business of both exporters and importers in foreign trade. The difference lies in the fact that the letter of credit is undertaken by the importer. In such a case, the bank is responsible for making the respective payment to the account of the exporter after the latter presents the applicable documents. If you decide to take a letter of credit, you will eliminate the risk of differences in the interpretation of documents between you and your partner. Furthermore, you will be in possession of a guarantee that the bank will not make the payment to the exporter if the documents are not compliant with the terms of the agreement.

This model allows you to include all lease fees in tax deductible expenses.

Transactions completed in this form depend on the following conditions:

- the agreement has to be concluded for a definite period

- the minimum agreement term should amount to at least 40% of the normative period of depreciation

- the total net amount of fees may not be lower than the initial value of a tangible asset.

This model does not offer the possibility of a buy-out, hence the user becomes the owner of a given item only upon paying the last instalment. Financial leases include only a part of the instalment (the interest rate and depreciation write-offs) in the tax deductible expenses.

Transactions completed in this form depend on the following conditions:

- the agreement has to be concluded for a definite period

- the total net amount of fees may not be lower than the initial value of a tangible asset.

- the agreement must include a provision about the User’s right for making depreciation write-offs.

The financial lease, in view of the act on the goods and services tax, is classified as supply of goods. For this purpose, the Financing Party must issue a VAT invoice for all lease fees upon handing over the subject of the lease.

Sale and lease-back assumes that the User sells-off its tangible asset to the Financing Party in return for cash using the above tangible asset later, on the basis of a lease agreement. This model may be executed in the form of a financial or operating lease.

- financing investments and the on-going needs of a company based on a long-term agreement

- safety of financing guaranteed by tax acts and lease regulations contained in the civil code

- possibility of adjusting the agreement terms and payments to the needs of the client

- using the possessed assets with simultaneous improvement of financial liquidity (sale and lease-back)

- cashing in the means blocked in real-estate (sale and lease-back)

- ensuring optimisation of tax benefits due to the fact that the lease instalments are fully included in tax deductible expenses (operating lease).

- fast process of increasing real-estate depreciation from 25% to 54% (operating lease)


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